There has been a lot of information published about the Flinders Mountains , Australia . Below is our curated guide to the ultimate experience in this magnificent mountain range.

05 great reasons to visit the Flinders Ranges.

  1. It is the most accessible outback in Australia, with diverse landscapes and loads to see and do.
  2. These ancient rock landscapes are geographical marvels. Wilpena Pound from the air, the canyons further north are some great sights.
  3. Great experience with 4-wheeled off-road vehicles, from easy to extremely difficult, half-day to multi-day journeys.
  4. Walking is one of the most enjoyable activities. There are lots of wild animals. Start from the Heysen trail.
  5. It is rich in history. Manhattan Project scientists were all over the northern Flinders Ranges during the war. Famous explorer Douglas Mawson saw icebergs at Flinders, which led him to his more famous Antarctic expeditions.

05 top experiences in Flinders

1. Climb Arkaroola Peak in the northern Flinders Ranges

The 4.5-hour guided 4-wheel drive journey will not only take visitors to see the wonderful scenery, but also learn about and excavate the amazing geology, flora and fauna of the area.

2. Wilpena Pound Scenic Flight

Wilpena Pound is best seen  with a morning flight around the edges of the bowl-shaped crater – formed not by volcanoes or meteorites but the earth’s moving crust.

3. Explore an ancient land

A full day tour from Rawnsley Park takes you to the breathtaking Brachina and Bunyeroo gorges. Keep an eye out for Yellow Footed Rock Wallabies, Emus and Euros while learning more about the history and geology of the place.

4. Watch the sunset at Pugilist Hill Lookout 

Located just outside the Ikara-Flingers Ranges National Park, this hill has amazing 360-degree views and is the best sunset spot of the Flinders Ranges. From this vantage point there are views of Wilpena Pound in one direction and the Chace Range in the other.

Another sunset spot in the Flinders Ranges is the Station Hill Lookout on Rawnsley Park Station. 

5. Visit a museum or gallery

There are a number of small museums and art galleries throughout the Flinders Ranges. Most of them focus on the history of the small towns they’re in, but there are one or two others that focus on specialized topics. Take time to explore these museums

  • Melrose Heritage Museum
  • Wilmington Toy Museum
  • Sansouci Puppet Museum and Gallery (Wilmington)
  • Pichi Richi Railway Museum (Quorn)
  • Jonas Jaga Aboriginal Art Gallery (Quorn)
  • Fred Teague Museum (Hawker)
  • Jeff Morgan Gallery (Hawker)

Important notes when visiting the Flinders Mountains

You will need a National Park pass for Ikara – Flinders Ranges National Park or Mount Remarkable National Park. Day passes are available for $12.50 and can be picked up from your accommodation when you book, purchased at the Wilpena Pound Resort Visitor Information Center, or purchased online in advance from the National Park Service website.

  • There are many roads as you get to the Flinders Ranges that are not sealed and therefore suffer from flooding and other problems in bad weather. For current road conditions, refer to Warnings.
  • Try to only drive in the Flinders Ranges during the day. Once the sun goes down – and especially during sunrise and sunset – there will be plenty of wildlife around.
  • Wifi is only available to those staying in motel/hotel accommodation, but there is a wifi zone around the Visitor Information Center for general use.
  • Once north of Port Augusta, services are limited to the basics. Most towns will have a small supermarket for supplies and somewhere to buy fuel.



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