On autumn days, Vancouver delights tourists from near and far when the foliage changes color, putting on a new coat for the city. From the center, drive through the brilliant Stanley Park and then cross the Lion Gate Bridge with a beautiful view below. Go less than 2 km on Capilano Road and you can reach Capilano Suspension Bridge Park. – where the famous suspension bridge of the same name is located in the pristine forests typical of North America.

The Capilano Suspension Bridge is a pedestrian bridge, spanning the Capilano River. This suspension bridge is nearly 140m long and located at an altitude of more than 70m, promising to bring visitors many unforgettable emotions.

The famous bridge is 132 years old since George Grant Mackay, a Scottish-born architect, built it in 1888. He bought a forested area on the north shore of Vancouver and built a small house near the canyon but could not get around. in the middle of my own land surrounded by dense forest. With the mindset of an architect, George decided to make a suspension bridge made of hemp and cedar ropes across the forest. And that is the Capilano suspension bridge today. However, by 1903, the bridge wires were replaced by stronger cables.’

As time passed, the Capilano suspension bridge also changed hands many times. In 1910, Edward Mahon bought the bridge. And then 25 years later, Mac Each ran became the next owner. It was not until 1945 that Capilano once again changed ownership to Henri Aubeneau and was completely rebuilt in 1956.

Although the surface of the Capilano suspension bridge is very wide and both sides are covered with sturdy nets and cables, this is a challenge for those who are afraid of heights. Many tourists cannot avoid fear when walking precariously on the bridge below which is the Capilano River or cedar branches pointing straight up. Not only that, the humid air in the jungle is also combined with steam rising from the river, making the experience even more chilling. In 2011, the Cliffwalk area was opened, leading to a suspended balcony overlooking the vast space below. The narrow walkway that fits only one person is suspended by 8 small cables that will definitely satisfy adventurous tourists.

On holidays, the Capilano suspension bridge is decorated extremely brightly to join the city in welcoming special holidays such as Christmas or the festival of lights. The entire bridge will be decorated with electric lights, creating a firefly path hidden behind cedar tree caves. In the dark, the entire bridge will emerge like a halo of light as a highlight for the Capilano River. Especially, on this occasion, Capilano Park is open until 9pm to welcome guests and give them the feeling of floating on the sparkling bridge in mid-air.

If you have the opportunity to travel to Canada and visit the city of Vancouver, don’t forget to enjoy wonderful moments at this famous Capilano bridge! Wishing you a happy and exciting trip!



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