Coney Island – an ideal entertainment destination in New York


When asked about entertainment and entertainment venues in the country’s most magnificent city, many people will immediately remember Coney Island. An extremely ideal place for you to enjoy the coolness of the sea water on a summer day, as well as comfortably relieve stress with exciting games. Therefore, if you have the opportunity to own a plane ticket to New York , don’t forget this historic seaside resort.

Coney Island is located in the Brooklyn borough, which was once a playground for the rich and famous. Starting in the 1800s, many of New York’s rich and famous people chose this beautiful island as their vacation destination. That’s why beautiful hotels and bathhouses gradually appeared more and more along the waters of the Atlantic Ocean.

When the civil war broke out, this area gained even more attention as famous upside-down houses and unique resorts continuously appeared. Finally, Coney Island officially became the entertainment capital of the world. It all started with a roller coaster and a small park. In 1904, three very elaborate amusement areas at Coney were built: Dreamland, Luna Park and Steeplechase Park.

Today, Coney Island still retains its ancient appearance, and still attracts tourists every day. However, this place also often has equally modern projects and items such as amusement parks, wooden boardwalks and kitschy hot dogs and pizza. The famous Astroland theme park was replaced by the more modern Luna Park, which opened at the end of May 2010.

If you come to this island, you must definitely visit the famous Thunderbolt roller coaster. This is one of the only bullet trains to feature postcards and the classic Woody Allen film “Annie Hall.” Even though it is no longer active, every year millions of people still come here just to admire and take photos. In addition, remember to go to Luna Park to try out 19 great games. Among the most popular attractions is Cyclone, a roller coaster originally built in 1927. It has become one of the world’s oldest wooden roller coasters still in use.


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