Experience traveling the Great Ocean Road, Australia from AZ


Have you ever heard of the Great Ocean Road – a beautiful natural heritage of Australia? If you once set foot in this priceless heritage of Kangaroo land, you will surely be immersed in the wild natural beauty, sometimes in the jungle, sometimes on cliffs, sometimes in the deep blue ocean. Let’s find out more with FantaSea through the following article Experience traveling the Great Ocean Road, Australia from AZ.

1. What is the Great Ocean Road ?

The Great Ocean Road is a project created thanks to more than three thousand veterans after World War I. They built this road along the Southern Australian coastline connecting the cities of Torquay and Allansford in the state of Victoria, more than 240 km long, using very primitive tools for 10 years, from March 1922. to November, 1932. Not only was it built for the purpose of expanding trade, developing tourism, and creating jobs for returning soldiers, the Great Ocean Road is also considered a great memorial for soldiers. The soldier died in a fierce battle.

2. How to get to the Great Ocean Road

Method 1: If you drive privately from Melbourne city center , it only takes about 90 minutes to get to Torway – the starting point on the Great Ocean Road.

Method 2:  Use public transportation. In Melbourne, catch a train from Southern Cross Station to Geelong. This journey will take about an hour. From Geelong station, you can catch a bus to get to the exact location on the Great Ocean Road you want to go. From Geelong to Torquay, it will take about 40 minutes.

Below is a list of buses from Geelong to the Great Ocean Road

+ McHarry bus 50 – Geelong to Torquay and Jan Juc

+ McHarry bus 51 – Geelong to Torquay and Jan Juc

+ McHarry’s bus from Apollo Bay – Geelong to Torquay, Anglesea, Aireys Inlet, Lorne, Wye River and Apollo Bay

+ Xe bus V/Line Warrnambool – Geelong đến Torquay, Anglesea, Aireys Inlet, Lorne, Wye River, Apollo Bay, Lavers Hill, Port Campbell và Warrnambool.

Method 3: join a Great Ocean Road day tour of FantaSea Travel. As a Vietnamese travel company with a representative office in Australia, FantaSea Travel is capable of providing tours to all cities and famous attractions in Australia with the most guaranteed cost and service. Departing from the Federation Square meeting point in Melbourne at 8:00 am, you will be able to freely enjoy the natural beauty on the golden road without having to worry about anything. The 12-hour journey not only takes you to explore famous landmarks such as the 12 apostles’ islands, Apollo Bay,… more than that, it also brings cultural experiences with stories about the history of the Great Ocean. Exciting road from experienced tour guide.

3. Famous landmarks on the Great Ocean Road

Bells Beach _

As one of the most beautiful beaches in Australia – Bells Beach is famous for its beautiful waves, straight coastline with flowering trees scattered across the green hills. A place where surfing competitions often take place because of the strong nature of the waves but not too aggressive. Bells Beach began organizing professional surfing competitions in 1973.

Wonder of the 12 Apostles

The wonder of the 12 Apostles are large stone pillars standing in the middle of a vast sea of ​​water, created by sea water erosion from the limestone mountains in this area tens of millions of years ago. Those limestone pillars rise above the Southern Ocean in Port Campbell National Park like noble and stern sentinels of an ancient world. More than 20 million years ago, these limestone pillars were connected to the cliffs of the continent. Wind and waves dug caves in the cliffs, then gave the limestone pillars a dome shape and finally turned them into limestone pillars up to 45 meters high. These jagged limestone mountains rising from the Southern Ocean truly fascinate visitors.

Apollo Bay

Located at the foot of the Otways Mountains is Apollo Bay with beautiful fishing villages. Surrounded by lush green hills and vast ocean, Apollo Bay is a vibrant summer vacation destination. Here, you can relax and enjoy a delicious lunch at one of the cafes and restaurants here (at your own expense), or stroll along the picturesque coastline.

Loch Ard Gorge

The next destination is Loch Ard canyon, part of Port Campbell National Park – Victoria state, about 10 minutes drive west of the 12 Apostles, is a typical formation of the erosion process. The gorge is named after the ship Loch Ard, which ran aground nearby on 1 June 1878 after three months at sea from England to Melbourne. The ship had a total of 54 people including passengers and crew, with only two survivors: Tom Pearce – an apprentice on the ship and Eva Carmichael – a passenger. Both are 18 years old. Pearce was washed ashore and found Carmichael after hearing her cries. They climbed out of the canyon to find help and were rescued by natives. The dome collapsed in June 2009 leaving behind two stone pillars named after them, Tom and Eva.

Port Campbell

Port Campbell is a lovely coastal village on the Great Ocean Road. Sheltered by cliffs and Norfolk pine forests, this little paradise has its own unique, colorful and lively scene. There are countless things to do here, you can sip afternoon tea at the cafe or enjoy some snacks at the roadside bakery (at your own expense), or stroll around the boutiques and shopping areas. exhibition.


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