In Canada, everyone is no stranger to the romantic, romantic scenery with the bright red maple leaf forest, no stranger to the noisy Niagara Falls with white foam,… and visitors will certainly be “captivated” by the scenery. Stunningly beautiful scenery on the islands. 

Vancouver Island

Located off the west coast of British Columbia, Vancouver is a pristine, peaceful island that is sure to fascinate visitors. It is one of many locations in North America named after George Vancouver, a British Royal Navy officer who explored the Pacific Northwest coast of North America between 1791 and 1794. With an area of ​​32,134 square kilometers, Vancouver Island is the largest island in the Pacific Ocean, the largest island on the western sub-continent of North America, the 43rd largest island in the world, the 11th largest island in Canada, and the second most populous island in Canada after the island of Montreal.

Coming to Vancouver Island, visitors will find a peaceful, quiet space, in front of endless fields and rich farms. This place is also a paradise for those who love outdoor activities. Visitors will be immersed in pleasures such as fishing, watching wildlife, playing golf, visiting fruit gardens, fields… In addition, everyone can easily come here and enjoy fun activities. Adventurous entertainment activities such as camping in the wilderness, exploring mysterious forests or deep oceans. 

Although the area is not large, Vancouver Island seems to contain all the natural beauty such as the clear blue coast with two rows of green trees like giants protecting the sea, waterfalls with white foam, Rivers, streams, caves full of mystery and shimmering colors, shady primeval forests and many large and small islands nearby.

For those who love exploration, the majestic cave system is an ideal place for visitors to explore, or visitors can also ride bicycles on trails and camp in wild places. But that’s not all, one of the most interesting things here is learning about other unique creatures and wildlife. Visitors can see with their own eyes the giant whales singing. and spraying water, saw black and gray bears, swimming, boating, swimming.

Prince Edward Island 

Prince Edward Island is located on the East Coast of Canada. Found in 1534, but in 1873, this island became part of Canada’s territory. The island’s residents number nearly 200,000 ethnically diverse people. 

When coming here, visitors will be immersed in the beautiful scenery from the blooming potato flower fields surrounding the fishing villages to the majestic winding Confederation bridge silently rising amidst the blue sea water. or somewhere dotted with the red color of cliffs, the yellow color of sand dunes, beaches… Not only is it enchantingly beautiful, but settling in Canada’s Prince Island is the dream of many people because of its learning services, economy as well as the quality of life it brings.

With diverse and pleasant climate conditions, this place creates conditions for tourism development with many majestic and beautiful natural landscapes. Prince Edward Island has a modern beauty that touches people’s hearts but still retains the ancient and romantic features that make visitors excited at first sight. This place has many attractions worth visiting such as: Union Arts Center; Prince Edward Island National Park – a place created by many white sand beaches stretching along the coast; Victoria Row – this place is for those who love shopping; Confederation Trail – an ideal place for visitors to walk, cycle, ski while admiring the beautiful scenery on both sides of the road.

Famous for fresh agricultural products, fruitful vineyards and fresh seafood, Prince Edward Island is also known as Canada’s “culinary island”. Therefore, if you are a gourmet, this island province will definitely never disappoint you. According to the experience of many tourists who have been here, the most worth trying dishes are still lobster and mussels.

Cape Breton Island

Cape Breton is a beautiful island on the Atlantic coast of North America and part of the province of Nova Scotia, Canada. The island has an area of ​​10,311 km2, accounting for 18.7% of the total area of ​​Nova Scotia. 

Coming to Cape Breton Island, visitors can find interesting experiences from nature, history to culture. In the “country of maple leaves”, this island is also known as a paradise for hikers and those who like to wander and explore nature.

In Cape Breton, visitors can visit the Cape Breton Highlands National Park, where visitors can immerse themselves in the sky, mountains and forests or conquer the mountains that jut out to the sea. There are a total of about 26 trails found on Cape Breton Island, of which the Cabot Trail and Ceilidh Trail are known as Canada’s most famous picturesque trails.

Fogo Island

Fogo Island, the largest beautiful offshore island in Newfoundland and Labrador, offers a unique experience in many ways. Here, visitors will feel like time has stopped moving.

These include 11 unique communities such as Tilting, a traditional Irish village where visitors will hear the sounds of Irish houses and can wander through old wooden docks with rooms Fishing is painted red. Or you can stroll the walking trails and even visit a Caribbean-looking beach with soft white sand and clear turquoise water.

Salt Spring Island 

Salt Spring Island is the “jewel” of the Southern Gulf Islands. In the Gulf Islands between Victoria and Nanaimo, Salt Spring Island has a small population and is known for its laid-back Bohemian lifestyle. Around the island are artists’ studios; farms selling cheese and homemade products; funky shops, some selling clothes and jewelry that one might expect to find in Southeast Asia; and many beautiful landscapes. The main town on the island is Ganges, where visitors will find ice cream shops, cafes and restaurants, and many traditional and souvenir retail establishments. There is a provincial park on the coast with hiking trails, camping facilities, and day use areas. The island also offers motels and other accommodation options.

Sable Island

Located 300 km southeast of the city of Halifax, in the province of Nova Scotia, Sable Island is formed from sand, hence the French name “L’île de Sable” (Sand Island).

The area of ​​Sable Island is only about 34 km², stretches for 35 km, shaped like a crescent. The island is located low in the middle of the vast ocean, the widest point measured on the island is only 1.6 km. But the special feature of Sable Island is also its “divine” ability to teleport. Every time it’s windy, Sable Island moves like a sailboat away from its previous position. For nearly 200 years, the island has moved a distance of 20 km, an average of 100 m per year.

Because it was formed from a shoal between the shallow waters of the continental shelf and the sea, Sable has a quite isolated location. In addition, the cold Labrador current, when flowing from the Arctic Ocean, will combine with the hot ocean current to create dense fog and even scary “hurricanes”. Therefore, ships moving through this island will lose direction, crash into obstacles and sink to the ocean bottom.

In addition to being famous for its shipwrecks, Sable Island is also home to more than 400 wild horses. They are the descendants of horses confiscated from a shipment in the Acadians, when passing through the island and forced to reluctantly leave them behind.

In 1871, a hydrometeorological station was built on Sable and managed by the Canadian Government to provide weather information to ships. This place became the only inhabited area on this “wild” island. And currently, the Canadian Government has recognized Sable Island as a National Park and preserves the biological population here to serve future scientific research.

Manitoulin Island

Manitoulin is an island located in Lake Huron on the Laurentian continental shelf. The island is located within the borders of the province of Ontario, Canada. With an area of ​​2,766 square kilometers, this is the largest lake island in the world. The island is so large that the island alone contains more than 100 inland lakes.

In addition to its history as an island inhabited by Anishinaabe tribes and Europeans, archaeological discoveries in the Sheguiandah region show that the island also had traces of Paleo-Indian and Archaic culture from 10,000 to 2,000 BC. original.

Manitoulin Island itself contains several internal lakes. By size, the island’s three most prominent lakes are Manitou, Kagawong and Mindemoya. These three lakes all contain small islands within them, the largest island among the three lakes is Lake Mindemoya’s Treasure Island with 0.3 km2 – located in the center of Manitoulin.

At this laid-back destination, visitors can enjoy the peaceful outdoors, paddle into the sunset, hike, walk the boardwalk, and fish from the dock.

Baffin Island

Located between Greenland and mainland Canada in the Nunavut region, Baffin Island has an extremely captivating wild beauty. Taking a trip to explore the pristine Baffin Island, visitors will have the opportunity to see whales, polar bears, arctic foxes, arctic hares, wolves, seals, seabirds… This is truly A great tourist destination!

This is the largest island in Canada and the fifth largest island in the world with an area of ​​507,451 km2. South of Baffin Island is the Hudson Strait, separating the island from the mainland of Quebec province. South of the western tip of the island are the Fury and Hecla Straits that separate the island from the Melville Peninsula on the mainland. To the east are Davis Strait and Baffin Bay, and Greenland is on the other side. The Foxe Basin, Boothia Bay and Lancaster Sound separate Baffin Vopis Island from the remaining islands of the archipelago to the west and north.

The Baffin Mountains run along the northeastern coast of the island and are part of the Arctic Mountains. Mount Odin is the highest peak on the island, with the lowest elevation being 2,143 m. Other notable peaks include Mount Asgard, located in Auyuittuq National Park, with an altitude of 2,011 m. Mount Thor, with an elevation of 1,675 m, is said to have the greatest sheer vertical drop on Earth, with an elevation of 1,250 m.

The two largest lakes on the island are located in the south-central part: Nettilling Lake (5,066 km2 (1,956 sq mi)) and Amadjuak Lake further south.

Baffin Island not only provides visitors with the opportunity to visit and admire the majesty of the mountains and rivers or the richness and diversity of the wild animal world. This place is also often chosen as an ideal destination for people who are passionate about adventure sports such as mountain climbing, skiing,…

Queen Charlotte Islands

The Queen Charlotte Islands (“Queen Charlotte Islands”) are one of Canada’s undiscovered “treasures”, at least when it comes to tourism. These remote islands offer a rich culture and natural beauty, but are often overlooked by tourists. Also known as “Haida Gwaii”, the Queen Charlottes are a distinct group of more than 150 islands located in the Pacific Ocean on the western edge of the continental shelf. The two main islands, Graham and Moresby, are located approximately 50 km and 150 km off the coast of British Columbia.

Queen Charlottes’ native inhabitants, the Haida Indians, are believed to have lived on these islands for at least 8,000 years. They are known as proud warriors and daring operators. With their great 60-foot fighting canoes, they crossed the length of the Interior Passage as far south as Puget Sound. Today, they are more famous for their carving skills and art. Their totem poles and intricate argillite carvings can be found in every ethnographic museum on Canada’s Pacific coast.

It is also home to a wealth of wildlife, with 6 out of 10 land mammals found nowhere else on the planet.

Toronto Islands

The Toronto Islands are located off the coast of downtown Toronto. The islands are a diverse area where children and adults can find something to do or see. There are beaches, sports facilities, cycling, canoe and canoe areas, marinas, large green savannah areas, cinemas, and more. Visitors can stroll, run or cycle on the island, walk their dogs, visit and tour the lighthouse or duck pond or have relaxing moments enjoying beer and coffee in the restaurant.

The park in the archipelago is a seasonal site that typically opens in May and remains open through September. During the winter months, it is quiet and many facilities are closed. The island is also a paradise for those who like to take photos because of its beautiful and magnificent scenery. The island can be reached by ferries from Jack Layton, the ferry terminal at the foot of Bay Street, or by water taxi.

Magdalena Islands

Passing through the Gulf of Saint Lawrence, the Magdalena Islands appear with red clay-colored cliffs and lush green plains or quiet bays waiting for those who love adventure and discovery. Currently this place includes 8 large islands and a number of smaller islands. In addition to beautiful nature, this is also a place that possesses a unique culture and a unique marine cuisine, typically traditional dishes made from lobster.

Gulf Islands

The Gulf Islands are located in the Strait of Georgia, between Vancouver Island and mainland British Columbia, and were voted by National Geographic as one of the world’s best coastal destinations. Of the more than 200 islands in the archipelago, inhabited islands include Salt Spring, Pender, Mayne, Denman, Gabriola, Hornby and Galliano. The Gulf Islands are known for their artist communities, locally produced food and wine thanks to their Mediterranean-style climate, and plenty of outdoor activities.

Thousand Islands

Thousand Islands has up to 1,865 large and small islands, located between Kingston and Brockville. This is the border area between the US and Canada. The islands are scattered on the peaceful Saint Lawrence River, some are just small rocks, but there are also large islands such as Wolfe Island and Howe Island. Both islands are inhabited and have ferries to travel from the mainland to the islands. Surrounding the islands are rocky beaches and sandbanks, the water is so clear that you can see the bottom.

Thousand Islands were formed during the ice age. Three ice ages created the islands and they effectively bridge the Canadian Shield to the north with the Adirondack Mountains to the south in New York state. Both the US and Canadian governments decided to choose some islands to build St. Lawrence Islands. Currently, the Government also allows visitors to boat and camp here.

Nature-loving tourists will feel extremely excited about this location. This place concentrates many types of plants and trees popular in Canada. There are two typical types: Deer berry (a relative of blueberries) and Pitch pine. Although not a habitat for birds, this is a stopping place for migratory birds. Here, you can see sea ducks, Canada geese, turkeys, white-tailed deer, etc. More interestingly, this is home to many types of fish, including rare species. Not only can you see them, but you can also prepare them according to local instructions.

Besides, for tourists who want to immerse themselves in a romantic and nostalgic space, they cannot ignore the villas built on the island. In particular, when mentioning Thousand Islands, Boldt Castle is mentioned. The story associated with this architectural building has a sad ending, but that is why this castle is also famous. The castle was built on Heart Island, built by Boldt (owner of the Waldorf Astoria hotel, New York) for his beloved wife. However, before completing it, his wife suddenly passed away. Boldt sadly left the castle behind and never returned. Currently, this castle always attracts the attention of tourists not only because of the above story but also because of its beautiful architecture and meaningful construction location – the end of the heart (bottom of the heart) like Boldt’s deep love for his beloved wife.

Coming to Thousand Islands, visitors will have a great experience combining eco-tourism and learning about the history and culture of this land. Surely, after the trip, every tourist will never forget the impressions that Thousand Islands bring.



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