Explore the Grand Canyon – America’s majestic natural masterpiece


America is not only attractive with its bustling metropolises and prosperous cities, but also impresses with its majestic natural scenery. Among them, the Grand Canyon is known as the “epic” given to America by motherland. This place conquers “travelers” because of its breathtaking natural scenery, the extremely majestic and impressive natural picture. Join Travelspek to explore the Grand Canyon through the article below!

1. Introducing the Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon is a steep ravine created by the Colorado River in the US state of Arizona. The Grand Canyon lies almost entirely within Grand Canyon National Park – one of the first national parks established in the United States. 

The Grand Canyon was cut by the Colorado River , creating a ravine 446 km long, 0.4 to 24 km wide and more than 1.6 km deep.

The age of the canyon dates back to 2 billion years ago, through the constant erosion of the Colorado River. The result of the persistent accretion is to leave mankind with a majestic landscape with endless canyons, rocky gorges with brilliant colors and even hidden streams that suddenly appear beneath the great abyss. . Besides, Grand Canyon also has a rich ecological system.

Indeed, the majestic scenery of the Grand Canyon is like an “Epic” that Mother Nature has dedicated to the “Land of Flowers”. Everyone is captivated and overwhelmed by this magnificent beauty. 


  • Geographic location: Arizona, United States
  • Ticket price: 35$ adults, 16$ children
  • Opening hours: 24/24

2. When should you travel to the Grand Canyon?

The weather at the Grand Canyon is relatively mild and pleasant, however the summer here is quite hot and can reach up to 38 degrees, and this is also the peak tourist season.

According to EuroTravel, the best time to admire this magnificent painting is from March to May and September. At this time the weather is quite cool and pleasant and the number of tourists visiting is not too crowded.

In winter, the snow is white on the dark red mountain background, and the falling snow creates a fairy-tale-like scene. This is also low tourist season at the Grand Canyon 

3. Means of transportation when traveling to Grand Canyon

The scenery of the Grand Canyon is extremely vast and magnificent, divided into 3 areas: South Rim, West Rim and North Rim. 

3.1 South Rim

Located near major cities, moving is very easy and convenient. This is also the most crowded area in the Grand Canyon . To get here, visitors can choose the following means of transport:

  • Plane: Visitors can fly to Phoenix, Flagstaff or Las Vegas then take a shuttle to the South Rim. Here, there will be an airport dedicated to commercial helicopters and scenic flight tours.
  • Bus: Greyhound Bus Lines and Groome Transportation provide bus service from Flagstaff, Williams and Phoenix to the Grand Canyon. 
  • Train: The Grand Canyon Railway offers daily service to the attraction from the city of Williams.
  • Renting a car: This is considered the most popular way to travel. There are many roads and parking lots here to serve the self-driving needs of many tourists. 
  • Buy a tour: The most convenient way to visit the Grand Canyon is to buy a tour from Las Vegas to the South Rim.

3.2 West Rim

West Rim is the closest area to Las Vegas, there are two most convenient ways to get here:

  • Self-driving: Because it is located very close to Las Vegas, visitors can drive themselves to get to West Rim. It usually only takes 2 to 3 hours to drive.
  • Buy a tour: The most convenient way to get to the West Rim is to buy a helicopter tour or day bus tour from Las Vegas.

3.3 North Rim

The North Rim has quite remote coordinates and is somewhat more remote than the remaining areas. To get here, visitors can choose to travel by means such as: 

  • Plane: There is no airport here, visitors can choose to land at the nearest airport, Kanab in Utah, then rent a car to transfer to the North Rim.
  • Car rental/driver: Visitors can drive or rent a car from Las Vegas or Phoenix to travel to the North Rim. In addition, the North Rim is located about 212 miles from the South Rim, equivalent to a 5-hour drive.
  • Public Bus: Trans-Canyon Shuttle provides shuttle service between the South Rim and North Rim scheduled once a day. 

4. Famous attractions at the Grand Canyon

The epic The Grand Canyon always makes conquerors overwhelmed and fascinated by the majesty and splendor of the mountains of the great abyss. Visiting this place, visitors should not miss the following experiences:

4.1 South Rim

The South Rim is one of the most popular viewpoints in theGrand Canyon. Mohave Point, Mather Point, Hopi Point or Desert View give visitors beautiful views to see the majesty and splendor of theGrand Canyon. 

Besides, at the South Rim there are many hiking trails with breathtaking scenery for those who love to conquer.

  • Rim Trail: More than 12 miles long trail along the rocky rim of the Grand Canyon. This is one of the easier trails and has great views.
  • Bright Angel Trail: A desert road with a length of about 7.8 miles, known as the most worth exploring. 
  • South Kaibab Trail: 6.3 miles long, although quite steep, the road has an outstanding Ooh-Aah viewpoint with powerful scenery.
  • Grandview Trail: About 12.5 miles long, the trail offers beautiful views of Horseshoe Mesa.

4.2 North Rim

The North Rim possesses wild beauty with many majestic shapes and is somewhat quieter than the South Rim. Here, visitors can visit destinations such as:

  • Bright Angel Point: Considered the most beautiful observation deck in the North Rim, an ideal place to admire the panoramic view of the Grand Canyon from above.
  • Cape Royal: Where visitors can enjoy the most beautiful sunset of the Grand Canyon .
  • Point Imperial: Located at an elevation of 8800 feet, Point Imperial is known as the highest point in the Grand Canyon . From here, visitors have beautiful views of the entire great abyss and the mountains in the distance.
  • Cape Final: A trail that leads visitors to the easternmost peak of the Walhalla plateau, which has a panoramic view of the eastern Grand Canyon.

4.3 West Rim

Unlike the South Rim and North Rim, the West Rim is managed by the Havasupai indigenous people. It is famous for attractions such as:

  • Skywalk glass bridge: Located on the edge of the Grand Canyon, the skywalk gives visitors breathtaking views of the surrounding scenery.
  • Eagle Point: A rock shaped like an eagle with majestic wingspan.
  • Guano Point: One of the most beautiful viewpoints at the West Rim, an ideal place to view The Grand Canyon and the Colorado River from above.
  • Havasu Canyon: Located between the South Rim and West Rim, Havasu is a canyon managed by the Havasupai Indians. The canyon conquers visitors through emerald green streams gurgling through rapids. 

4.4 Havasu Falls

Havasu Falls is known as one of the most beautiful landscapes in the Grand Canyon area . With a height of about 37m, the clear blue water flowing down from above blends with the red color of the cliffs, creating an extremely unique landscape. Havasu’s surreal beauty makes everyone fall in love.

4.5 Skywalk glass bridge

The Skywalk glass bridge is a famous attraction, located in the West Rim Grand Canyon area. The special feature of the Skywalk is that it is made of transparent glass, capable of bearing enormous force.

Suspended at an altitude of more than 1200m in the depths of the Grand Canyon , the Skywalk gives visitors a great view to admire the extremely breathtaking, massive scenery from above. 

4.6 Grand Canyon Village

Located on the east bank of the Grand Canyon, Grand Canyon Village is a small Native American village. Here, visitors have the opportunity to find many unique cultures of the people as well as enjoy the most beautiful scenery of the great region.

In addition, Grand Canyon Village also has many tourist amenities such as restaurants, hotels, cafes and souvenir shops. 

5. Lodging facilities at the Grand Canyon

As one of the popular tourist destinations in the United States, there are many hotels surrounding the park and inside the Grand Canyon campus 

Because it is located near major cities, most people often choose to stay near the South Rim for convenience in traveling and sightseeing. EuroTravel suggests a few reputable hotels in Tusayan city such as:

  • Grand Hotel: 149 State Highway 64, Grand Canyon, AZ 86023, Hoa Kỳ
  • Holiday Inn Express: 226 AZ-64, Grand Canyon Village, AZ 86023, Hoa Kỳ
  • Red Feather Lodge: 300 AZ-64, Grand Canyon Village, AZ 86023, Hoa Kỳ
  • Canyon Plaza Resort: 406 Canyon Plaza Ln, Tusayan, AZ 86023, Hoa Kỳ

Besides staying at the hotel, visitors can choose to camp overnight at The Grand Canyon . There are quite a few campsites here with full amenities. One thing to note is that, to ensure a stay as well as get a good price during peak season, visitors should book a hotel at least a few months in advance.

6. Things to keep in mind when traveling to the Grand Canyon

To make your trip to the Grand Canyon more perfect, visitors need to pay attention to the following:

  • Private cars are not allowed in the West Rim area, instead use the on-site shuttle service.
  • To save time and get good prices, visitors should book sightseeing tickets and tours in advance through online channels.
  • Summer is considered the peak tourist season, you can visit the Grand Canyon in March, May or September to avoid crowds.
  • You should book a hotel several months in advance to ensure a place to stay during peak season.
  • You should prepare comfortable clothes, suitable for walking and trekking activities.
  • Photography is not allowed on the Skywalk glass bridge at the West Rim, visitors can buy beautiful photos at the sales counter. 


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