Griffith Park – famous park in Los Angeles


Owning  a plane ticket to Los Angeles to the film capital of America, you will be fascinated by the unique and impressive attractions. One of them is Griffith Park – a place chosen as a familiar filming location in Hollywood movies.

Griffith Park is considered a green oasis with a large area. It is also considered the largest inner-city park in the city that you should visit. Come visit Naturidyll in Megacity on Hollywood, located in the Santa Monica Mountains. This place is considered a great relaxing place for urban residents and tourists, both those who love thrills or those who like gentle, romantic love. The park has many small hills, forests and trails that are perfect for hiking or mountain biking tours through the area.

In particular, the park’s landmarks are famous observation points. Come visit the Griffith Observatory in Griffith Park – where you can stand from above and see the panoramic view of the sparkling city at night. Funding for a visit to the Griffith Observatory is completely free. So don’t miss the opportunity to freely explore and admire the scenery at this wonderful place. This place will definitely bring you gifts of spiritual value that you can hardly find anywhere else.

With a good view, the Griffith observatory will give you new and exciting experiences about Los Angeles. Besides, the attractive entertainment activities on West Avenue and Vermont Avenue will definitely make you unable to leave.

Not only that, the mountainous terrain with winding trails is very suitable for you to venture out with a bicycle and relax, enjoying the pristine beauty and fresh air of the space here. This journey will let you discover the beauty of the contrast between the park and the glamorous world of Hollywood cinema that we often see on shows. They are symbols of the film city located on the southern slopes of Mount Lee.


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