Immerse yourself in the magical world of Harry Potter while traveling to America


Located in California (USA), Universal Studio with its large scale and many majestic works is always the destination of many movie lovers. Let accompany you on your journey to the magical world of Harry Potter when traveling to America.

1. Experience

Explore Hogwarts castle

Coming to the miniature wizarding world of Universal Studio in the US , visitors certainly cannot miss the opportunity to explore Hogwarts castle – a famous school that trains teenagers with magical abilities to become witches and wizards. magician. The inside of the castle is built to simulate the image shown in the movie. From the spiral corridors to the movable stairs, all are made extremely detailed and elaborate. Surprisingly, along both sides of the hallway are decorative wall paintings that can move extremely vividly. And definitely don’t miss the chance to hear the voice of the famous Fat Lady portrait in the Gryffindor dormitory.

While visiting, visitors should remember to move carefully to avoid unnecessary accidents due to the weak light inside the castle.

Horse Glider

If you are looking for a little thrill, the Horse Coaster is definitely not a bad choice at all. The roller coaster track is built around the entire scale of The Wizarding World of Harry Potter area. You will not need to pay additional fees when participating in the game because this amount is included in the ticket price when visiting Universal Studio. The “sensational” experience will begin as soon as you hear Hagrid’s booming voice giving instructions on how to get close to a Hippogriff – this mysterious and not so easygoing creature. When the journey begins, visitors can see the entire pumpkin garden from above, built in great detail according to the scene in Part III of the movie. And when passing by Hagrid’s hut, you can even hear Fang’s bark echoing from inside the house.

Frog orchestra

If your legs are tired after non-stop shopping or exciting entertainment spots, the frog orchestra is the place to stop to relax and regain your strength. The 4-member orchestra representing the 4 houses of Hogwarts along with 4 giant frogs in their hands will harmonize into a small orchestra. The theme songs of the Harry Potter movie series will be performed by them to the audience.

Triwizard Spirit Rally

The special feature of Triwizard Spirit Rally is that this is not a performance from Hogwarts students, but it is performed by students from two other prestigious magical academies. The performance is a competition between the male students of Durmstrang Academy from the North and the female students of Beauxbatons Academy in beautiful France. The opening will be risky acrobatics and powerful martial arts moves from Durmstrang Academy. Next will be a dance performance full of beauty, elegance but still full of energy by the beautiful girls of Beauxbatons school. Tourists will definitely be captivated by the girls following those graceful, constantly winding satin ribbons.

2. Shopping

Shop for wands at Ollivanders Store

Entering the somewhat dusty store with boxes of wands stacked to the ceiling, visitors to Ollivanders Store can own an extremely delicately crafted wand. As soon as the wand chooses its owner, you will hear a melodious melody accompanied by waves of dazzling aura. In addition, you can also own the wands of your favorite characters in the movie series. And don’t forget to try the magic of the wand at the shops in Hogsmeade.

Shop for items at Filch’s Emporium of Confiscated Goods

Visitors should try not to be too excited when seeing the number of items for sale here. At Filch’s Emporium™ of Confiscated Goods, visitors can shop for stationery and clothing items such as hoodies, t-shirts, scarves,… from 4 houses in Hogwarts. You can also find magical plush creatures or Marauder maps for sale in the store.

Enjoy shopping at Zonko and Honey Duke Joke Shop

If you have a sweet tooth or are simply curious about the strange toys described in the story, Honey Duke and Zonko Joke Shop will definitely be paradise for you. A package of imitation chocolate can be a good choice for a souvenir after your exciting trip to America.

3. Cuisine

Butter beer truck

For those who are always curious about the taste of the famous Butterbeer in the Harry Potter movie series, get ready to stand in line waiting to try this drink. The wooden butter beer cart shaped like a giant wine barrel with a somewhat old red paint layer can also be an extremely unique check-in point for you.

Shop with 3 brooms

The Three Broomsticks Shop is a place that has welcomed countless Hogwarts students, and is also where Harry and his friends come to chat and learn about the stories going on in the wizarding world. The interior space is decorated to create an extremely cozy feeling with cast iron chandeliers, pillars and wooden furniture. Guests can enjoy delicious dishes for dinner such as ‘The Great Feast’, Fish & Chips, Shepherd’s pie,…

Hog’s Head

And the last destination wants to introduce to you is Hog’s Head. Don’t be too surprised if you see a pig’s head hanging on the wall suddenly rolling its eyes at you, snorting and making a growling sound. The special thing about this place is not only in the decoration but also in the menu. Not only does it serve familiar drinks like butter beer or pumpkin juice, Hog’s Head is the only place in Wizarding World of Harry Potter. serving alcoholic beverages. Although the space has little light, it is still a great place to enjoy a cozy dinner with a little wine.



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