Lake Mead – A destination not to be missed in Las Vegas


Located near Las Vegas, Lake Mead National Recreation Area is a great place to visit with impressive natural scenery and lots of fun activities.

Possessing an area of ​​more than 607,000 hectares, Lake Mead National Recreation Area is a large natural space near Las Vegas. This is also an attraction for more than 7 million tourists who book air tickets to Las Vegas to visit each year. Come to Lake Mead and its surrounding natural areas, you can explore breathtaking landscapes, nine fascinating wilderness areas. Or experience your favorite outdoor activities like boating, hiking, cycling…

What makes Lake Mead stand out?

Located near Las Vegas, Lake Mead is a 640 km 2 reservoir created by the construction of the Hoover Dam. This is also one of the largest artificial lakes in the world. Boating and sport fishing are known to be the most popular and popular activities at Lake Mead with boat rentals available at 3 marinas. Around the lake you will find several areas that allow swimming, while others are ideal for kayaking, canoeing or paddle boarding.

For families, when coming to Lake Mead you can visit picnic spots with cool spaces right around the lake. For those who enjoy walking, biking and backpacking, be sure not to miss the miles of roads and trails that lead through the stunning landscapes of the Mojave Desert. There are also some great paved roads to drive on and see the beautiful mountains and canyons. If you want to go hiking, the ideal time for you is from November to March.

Notes when exploring Lake Mead

Lake Mead National Recreation Area is open 24/7 for visitors. However, some locations in the area are only open during the day and close at night. To camp or use a boat, visitors are required to pay a small fee, in addition to admission to Lake Mead National Recreation Area.

When exploring here, visitors can choose free tours or guided trips. Some campsites will be equipped with laundry and shower facilities. Fishing supplies and equipment are available at the marinas. Some hiking trails will be closed during the summer months of July to September due to extreme temperatures.


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