Chinatown in Vancouver is one of the largest Chinatowns in the world. This place was originally home to mainly Chinese people who came to Canada to work in mining and building the Trans-Canada railway. It is known that this neighborhood was born in the years 1890-1920, when the first Chinese people set foot here to find a new, better and happier life. After that, more Chinese people came to live here and Chinatown started from there. When it was first formed, this place was called “Shanghai Street” or “Guangdong Street” as a way to remember one’s homeland. At that time, the neighborhood had just over 1,000 Chinese people living, but today that number has increased significantly.

Chinatown in Vancouver also has many characteristics of another Chinatown in the world. Especially the typical gate of this culture. If Vancouver’s Gastown neighborhood has ancient European beauty, then Chinatown is the complete opposite. Chinatown is imbued with Asian cultural identity with its characteristic bright red color, alongside its curved Chinese-style roofs.

Coming to Chinatown, the first thing visitors should experience is taking photos at China Gate. As you move deeper into the neighborhood, you will encounter streets named after Chinese places. Spend some time walking around here to discover many interesting things. Otherwise, visitors can go to San Yat Sen with the 12 zodiac symbols on the brick floor, visit the ancient Chinese garden Dr, and visit the Sam Kee Building with a width of nearly 2m, the narrowest office building in the world. . Every year, during the Lunar New Year, there is an extremely bustling and unique parade here.

In Vancouver’s Chinatown, visitors will also find many classic Asian specialty stores, with products sold on the sidewalks, as well as Dimsum restaurants and pharmacies. Although traditional food restaurants make up the majority of Chinatown, visitors will also see an explosion of modern retail stores established by a number of young entrepreneurs along Pender Street between Columbia and Main streets. .

If you are in Chinatown late in the morning, or during lunchtime, you can choose to eat Dimsum at a restaurant or visit one of the Chinese bakeries to buy cheap snacks. Along with traditional dishes, visitors can also enjoy modern dishes here. This is also the place that serves delicious cocktails prepared by professional bartenders.

Chinatown in Vancouver is also a place with lots of stores to shop. From traditional Chinese pharmacies, to live seafood shops, to lush green jade jewelry stores, visitors will have a lot of fun while exploring the shops in the area. In addition, the ginseng in this area is also considered quality and safe along with a wide range of the latest and greatest electronic devices. All of these locations bring modernity and dynamic life to the neighborhood.

The ancient town of Chinatown mixed with the modernity and development of the city of Vancouver will bring visitors the best tour. Book our Canada Tour so you don’t miss out on a trip to this great neighborhood! Surely visitors will find many memorable experiences in Gastown!


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