Madame Tussauds wax museum


Enjoy feeling like a guest at a VIP party as you take photos with Hollywood A-listers and world leaders at this interactive wax museum.

Before going to Madame Tussauds, take some time to admire the two giant wax statues outside. Visitors take the elevator to the top and choose to participate in a scary or non-scary ride. During the scary journey, life-like wax models depicting famous figures and notorious criminals will jump towards visitors as soon as they get close. There are many interactive multimedia exhibits that appeal to both children and adults.

Madame Tussauds wax museum opened in Amsterdam in 1971 and was the first foreign branch of this British institution. Madame Tussaud, born Marie Grosholtz, was forced to make masks using the faces of beheaded aristocrats when she was imprisoned during the French Revolution.

After being freed, she used her talent as a wax figure to open a permanent exhibition in London. The Amsterdam branch offers a unique experience by introducing visitors to Dutch legends as well as world stars. All wax figures are made in the UK and shipped to the Netherlands.

Get acquainted with Dutch television stars and sports heroes. Listen to Anne Frank read from her world-famous diary or shake the hand of the Dutch king.

Take photos with Lady Gaga, meet Justin Bieber, chat with passionate world leaders near the desk in the Oval Office of the White House or imitate Marilyn Monroe’s famous pose for the camera image. If you like rhythm, drum along with Bob Marley.

Don’t miss the large circular windows with great views down to historic Dam Square and beyond. Passersby may mistakenly think you are a wax statue if you stand completely still!

Madame Tussauds wax museum is located on Dam Square, a short walk or tram ride from Central Station. If traveling by car, visitors can leave the car at one of the transit parking lots on the edge of the city and then use public transportation to get around. There are several parking lots in the city center, but space is limited.

The museum is located on the top floor of the Peek & Cloppenburg shopping center and has a separate entrance from the ground floor. The museum is open every day except holidays when Dam Square is used to host major events. Arrive late in the afternoon to avoid crowds and get discounts, but end-of-day savings tickets can only be purchased online.



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