Moraine Lake – surreal beauty attracts tourists


Moraine Lake is as beautiful as a lovely princess located in the middle of a valley of 10 towering mountains. The lake’s water is green and jade colored, surrounded by rows of old pine trees. This is a rare natural masterpiece that if you have the opportunity to travel to Canada, you must definitely visit.

Where is Moraine Lake located?

Moraine Lake is located in Banff National Park in the village of Lake Louise, Alberta province – Canada. It is fed by a cool glacier, located about 14km from the village of Lake Louise. This is one of the most beautiful natural lakes in the world, and is considered a “shining pearl” of the country of red maple leaves.

The lake is located in the middle of the Ten Peaks valley, surrounded by 10 snow-capped mountains on top. The road leading to the lake is winding with pine forests and towering rocky mountains on both sides. The lake bed is deep, calm and the water is jade green all year round. If you have the opportunity to travel to Canada , you definitely cannot miss this beauty.

Structure of Moraine Lake

Nature has endowed Moraine Lake with an impressive structure. On one side is a towering mountain range with white snow-capped peaks all year round. On one side are rows of green old pine trees with large rough tree roots stretching far into the distance.

In addition, the fresh air and deep blue sky also contribute to creating a poetic scene. The floating clouds floating high above boldly imprint on the calm surface of the lake, making the viewer feel like they are about to touch them.

Moraine Lake is located at an altitude of 1883m above sea level. It contains a fairly large volume of water and has a surface area of ​​0.5 km2. With a maximum depth of 14m, the water in the lake never dries up thanks to being continuously supplied by large and small rivers and glacial streams nearby.

The best time for you to visit Moraine Lake is from mid-June to the end of October every year. Because at this time, the snow on Ten Peaks receives the intense summer sunlight and begins to melt. The lake surface will receive all the melted water from the mountains and will take on a beautiful turquoise color. Under the refraction of golden sunlight, Moraine Lake becomes sparkling and unusually charming.

Moraine Lake brings magical beauty of nature combined with a mild, cool climate. That is why this place attracts many tourists to admire and explore every year.

How to get to Moraine Lake

In recent years, due to the increasing number of tourists coming to Moraine Lake, visiting has become somewhat more difficult. The narrow and winding road leading to the lake is always congested because it is full of passenger cars. In addition, the parking lot on the lake area is not enough to accommodate a huge number of vehicles.

Therefore, people began to limit the number of cars to ensure enough parking for all visitors. In addition, this also ensures that the pristine natural landscape of Moraine Lake is preserved over time. Overcrowding with tourists can easily cause the lake to be polluted and lose its original peaceful beauty.

After 5pm, the number of visitors will be less. To avoid traffic jams or long waits, you should go in a large group and arrive early. At the same time, visitors should also choose to visit the lake on weekdays, avoiding going on weekends because they will have to wait. In particular, the end of September is the busiest time of the year. To experience the most perfect trip to the lake, you must plan in detail.

Backpacking tourism

There are two ways to get to Moraine Lake that you can refer to. First, you can choose to travel to Canada on your own and then arrange a schedule to visit Moraine Lake by public transportation. However, this is quite time-consuming because you have to find your own way and have a clear plan. Besides, if you do not have familiar people or are not proficient in using technological means to find your way, you can easily get lost.

Currently, there is a note that from 2023, tourists will not be able to go to Moraine Lake by personal vehicle. Instead, it’s passenger cars, buses or other public transportation. Currently, buses to the lake will depart from 08:30 to 18:30 every day. You will pay in cash for the ticket price of $20 for adults and $10 for children under 12 years old.

Choose the appropriate tour

In addition, to make your trip to Moraine Lake more convenient, you can refer to the second method. That is to find a Canadian tour from a reputable unit. At this time, they will arrange for you all the activities during the trip including: itinerary, accommodation, food, insurance, transportation, visa,… From there, visitors will easily visit. Moraine Lake and many other natural masterpieces of Canada without worrying about anything.

A professional Canadian tour organization also gives you a sense of safety and peace of mind during your journey to a new land.

Tips for visiting Moraine Lake

The number of tourists visiting Moraine Lake is increasing. They can visit, take photos, and even camp near the lake area. If you want to have a more wonderful visit to Moraine Lake, you definitely cannot ignore some of the following notes:

Visit the lake in the morning or evening

You can choose to visit the lake early in the morning or late in the evening to avoid crowds. Because noon and afternoon are peak hours. At the same time, mornings and evenings are also when the weather is cool and seems chilly, so it will be convenient to walk and take photos without fear of bright sunlight.

Especially at noon, there are usually a lot of tourists and you will not have “virtual” photos with beautiful scenery. Therefore, you should take advantage of your time to have the best experience.

Choose to rest near Moraine Lake

You can choose to stay at a hotel near the lake to make sightseeing easier. Because sometimes, the road to the lake will be closed at certain times of the week. At the same time, choosing a hotel near Moraine Lake will help you take advantage of your time and arrive earlier than other tourists.

Besides, camping near the lake area is also a great choice for those who want to mingle with nature. Nearby there is a large and safe camping ground with very clean public toilets. This helps visitors have a more meaningful trip with friends and family.

Try the feeling of walking around the lake

You can choose to stroll around the lake to breathe fresh air. Walking on the small, soft winding trail between the pine trees will give you a more relaxing and comfortable feeling. At this time, the scenery of mountains, forests and waves of the lake can easily come into view.

Each gentle step on the gravel, on both sides of the road are large and small gurgling streams, making you feel like you are lost in a world in a painting. In addition, you can also freely take photos under large rocks emerging close to the shore or choose to walk up small rocky hills to see the entire lake from above.

Rowing on the water

Moreover, visitors can also experience the extremely chill feeling when rowing on the lake with emerald green water. Traveling on a boat, you see the scenery from a different angle. At this time, everyone will definitely feel very small before the majestic and vast nature. The cool breeze blows on your skin, immersing yourself in the majestic nature, making your mind more relaxed than ever.

Need to prepare some snacks

Here, food and drink prices are quite expensive. If you want to save money on a sightseeing trip, you can bring some snacks and drinks in your backpack. After that, you will join friends and relatives to eat, drink and admire the beautiful scenery like a picnic. In the area around the lake, there are also wooden tables and chairs for you to sit and rest. 

Why should you choose Travelspek to go to Moraine Lake?

To get to Moraine Lake, you can choose to visit the Rocky Mountains. This is a poetic and majestic rocky mountain range located in the eastern province of British Columbia and the western province of Alberta. The Rocky Mountain Road is about 260km long, going from the town of Jasper to the town of Banff – where the world-famous Banff National Park is located.

Located in the middle of a mountain town, this road is brilliantly beautiful with countless flowers blooming all over the high altitudes. Wooden houses stand out against the majestic, towering rocky mountains, creating an extremely poetic scene. When traveling to Canada, visiting Banff National Park, visitors will have their eyes opened by the natural picture of Lake Louise, Maligne Lake, Moraine Lake, Mount Robson,… and many other landscapes.

Moraine Lake is among the top tourist attractions in the world because of its wild and majestic natural beauty. Here, you will admire the emerald green lake surface rippling in the sunlight. Surrounded by high mountains covered with snow all year round and rows of old pine trees. For those who love nature, enjoy breathing fresh air and exploring Canada, Moraine Lake is a place not to be missed.



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