Must-try experiences on Fraser Island


Fraser Island is the world’s largest sand island located on the east coast of Queensland and one of the most beautiful islands in Australia. This place has exceptional beauty with long white beaches surrounded by strikingly colored sand cliffs and 100 freshwater lakes. If you just think of an island as a sand bar jutting out of the ocean, it could be much bigger than you imagine. The island also has tropical rainforest growing on the sand, many freshwater lakes and is one of the few rare places in Australia where wild canoes can be seen.

Fraser is an island with a permanent population of just a few hundred people and there aren’t any roads on the island, just narrow stretches of sand snaking in the middle and a long beach that acts as a highway stretching along along the east coast and is a relatively unspoiled Australian tourist destination. It is about 200 km north of Brisbane city and quite easy to get around. At Fraser, visitors can visit famous sights, walk along the beaches and admire wildlife. When you come to Fraser Island, you must definitely experience the following to make your trip more attractive and memorable.


Eli Vung is the largest puddle in the East of the island. Every hour Eli Vung discharges 4 million liters of fresh water into the sea. This is a popular picnic spot, tourists can stroll along this beautiful stream. The fresh air and unique landscape are attractions as well as catalysts that help make the trip more cohesive. You can rent a tent or book a tour to use the best services on Fraser Island.


Don’t miss Lake McKenzie if you decide to visit Fraser Island. As one of 40 lakes on the island, McKenzie’s clear blue water surrounded by lush green forests can make all visitors stunned on their first visit. With a constant temperature of about 220 degrees Celsius and visibility 20 meters underwater, the pure freshwater Lake McKenzie’s beach is one of the most popular places on the island. The Butchulla people – Aboriginal people on Fraser Island call this lake Boorangoora, meaning “water of wisdom”.


You can swim in the Champagne saltwater pools not far north of Indian Head Mountain. These unique swimming pools were created by sea water flowing over the volcanic cliffs and creating two shallow coastal pools. Here, you can soak in the cool water, enjoy the strong waves hitting the cliffs, creating foam like wine bubbles, feeling like you are bathing in Champagne, extremely enjoyable.


Coming here, try driving yourself to see the scenery on the road along the Beach Highway – one of the most beautiful highways and runways in Australia with a length of 120km, you will definitely be surprised. Or rent a plane to see the entire beautiful, pristine natural scenery of Fraser from above. All vehicles entering the island require a permit. Permits can be obtained at River Head Barge, Kingfisher Bay Resort reception, Queensland National Parks and wildlife services offices including Brisbane, Hervey Bay, Maryborough, Bundaberg and Rainbow Beach.


Fraser Island is the only place in the world where extensive rain forests can be found growing on sand dunes at altitudes above 200 metres. If exploring the island in a Landcruiser on bumpy roads is not enough for you, you can try exploring the island on your feet. If you’re lucky, you can encounter many rare animals such as dingoes, small-eared mountain squirrels, wallabies, Australian flying squirrels,… along with a diverse and unique flora.


In 1935, the steamship Maheno was wrecked here during World War II and is now a rusting mass of metal best seen during low tide. This may be an iconic tourist destination of the island, where tourists take a lot of photos. Today you can freely walk in and around the wreck. The wreck is located on the beach highway and can be seen from afar.


This giant sand dune will suddenly make you feel like you’re in the desert. It seemed to go on forever and started in a tropical forest and ended at Lake Wabby – a dark blue lake, about 20 minutes from the beach, with a large sand dune slowly encroaching into the lake, Sometimes you can see turtles and freshwater fish if you’re lucky. This trip is definitely more suitable for those who like sports and are healthy because they need foot health because of the softness of the sand. You will have to walk about 4.6 km to complete this sand dune.


A great place, this bay has a bar right on the jetty and is a great place to watch the sunset. This is one of the few rare places on Australia’s east coast where you can actually see the sun set over the water. The beach is also a beautiful place to walk. There are thousands of small crabs moving in large groups at low tide and it is a fascinating phenomenon to watch.


Fraser Island’s famous 75 Mile Beach is considered some of the best fishing spots in the world. In winter you can see dozens of schools of fish along the beach. Or you can rent a boat to go fishing in the calm waters of Indian Head and Waddy Point. On the far coast, where there are corals and reefs, there are also many attractive and interesting fish species.


Lake Garawongera – which in the local language means “place of the pigeons” is considered a sacred place for the Butchulla aboriginal people – the indigenous people have been recognized with rights and interests over an area of ​​1640 km2. on the island. The Butchulla Aborigines believe that the cliffs that are now known as the Pinnacles were formed by Wiberigan – the Rainbow Man who tried to protect a girl from a boomerang attack. Pinnacles Cliff is still considered a sacred place for Aboriginal women. The private, fenced camping area is behind this Pinacles wall. 


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