Niagara Parkway was formerly known as “Niagara Boulevard”, in the history of the state of Ontario it was called “Niagara Road” – a road proud of Canadians for its scenic beauty. the landscape it possesses. The Niagara Parkway begins in the town of Fort Erie and stops in the town of Fort George, located south of the urban core of Niagara Village.

Construction of the Niagara Parkway began in 1908 and was completed in 1931 as a city scenic route with manicured gardens and lawns. Passing through small villages, the Niagara Parkway is 55 km long with 4 lanes, the speed limit is 40 km/h, the avenue also incorporates lanes exclusively for bicycles or walking for local people. entertainment on weekends or for tourists to visit.

The Niagara Parkway parallels the Niagara River, with houses along the west side and meandering sections that pass through the Brock Memorial – commemorating the death of Sir Isaac Brock in the Battle of Queenston Heights, the village of Queenston … ending in the town of Fort George. Visiting Queenston town, visitors will have the opportunity to enjoy the famous Niagara wine with its rich, aromatic flavor.

The oldest road in Ontario before the arrival of Europeans, a 1971 order authorized the use of the Niagara Parkway as a public road between the towns of Fort Erie and Fort George, until the war. Against the Americans in 1812, it became an important food transport route during the war.

Today, with its breathtaking beauty under the autumn colors in Canada, Niagara Parkway is known as “the most beautiful parade route in the world”. In September to October, which is the most beautiful time of autumn in Canada, visitors should leisurely stroll on the lawns under the maple trees dyed orange-yellow in autumn clothes to feel the gentle beauty. is creeping into our souls. British Prime Minister Winston Churchill once visited Niagara Avenue and exclaimed: “This is the most beautiful street in the world on an autumn Sunday afternoon.” 

Not only in the fall, but the Niagara Parkway is loved through the changing seasons with motorbike convoys continuing to move on straight asphalt lanes to visit all the breathtaking scenery here like the coast. rivers, small villages… each stop will be a memorable memory here.



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