Perth is known as Australia’s peaceful city


With a population of about 2 million people, the streets are always deserted, peaceful and with few car horns… these are typical features of the city of Perth, Western state.

The symbol of Perth is Elizabeth Quay – the city center and high-rise buildings are mainly concentrated here, where the beautiful Swan River flows through. This place is suitable for visitors to visit in the afternoon and feel the beauty through the golden sunlight.

To fully enjoy Perth’s peaceful scenery, you cannot miss Kings Park and Botanic Garden, which covers an area of ​​more than 400 hectares and possesses 3,000 species of plants and about 80 species of birds.

Take a walk on the Lotterywest Federation Walkway bridge, through the treetops of the Botanical Garden, to feel the “Fremantle Doctor” – the noun that Perth people refer to as the cool breeze blowing from the ocean to the shore cools the whole world. city.

In the middle of the main entrance from the entrance is a State war memorial with an eternal flame – a place to commemorate those who fell in Australia’s military conflicts. In the afternoon, people and tourists often come to rest, admire the scenery, and have fun in the cold weather and bright sunshine.

About 20km southwest of Perth, Fremantle is considered the oldest famous seaport city in Western Australia. The place Lonely Planet describes as a cozy home for artists around the world, with high-class art performances at the Fremantle Arts Center

Wave Rock is an impressive point in the journey to explore the West Coast of Australia. Wave Rock is formed from strips of granite, eroded by rain and wind about 27 million years ago, giving them a shape that looks like a giant ocean wave rising and then suddenly stopping.

Located not far from Perth, Pinnacles is a strange desert with thousands of weathered limestone columns rising from the golden sand. The best time of day to see the limestone columns is when dawn or dusk. At this time, the sunlight will create a contrast, highlighting the color of the stone and the black color of the column’s shadow. on the ground like beautiful ripples.


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