Saint Joseph’s Oratory Church is a famous tourist landmark in Montreal and is the world’s largest church dedicated to Saint Joseph – the patron saint of Canada. Saint Joseph’s Oratory Church is extremely modern, built on a high hill. Here, visitors will find an extremely quiet space, along with outstanding Italian Renaissance architecture, making the building both luxurious and eye-catching. Because it is located high on a hill, Saint Joseph’s Oratory Church has the best view in Montreal.

Saint Joseph’s Oratory Church was completed in 1960, and is also part of the works of Brother André – the first pastor to build a small chapel here in 1904. Views, music, Art and history make St. Joseph’s Basilica one of Montreal’s main tourist attractions.

The building’s distinctive architecture, and especially its dome, combined with its mountainside location, provide a stately, classic sight. And when visitors step inside the Church, they will feel the extremely fresh, airy and bright air. The arches in the Church have angles running along the nave, and at the same time, the lights are an extremely prominent point, it adorns the ceiling in the Church, helping the Church to be more alive. Father André – the man who built Saint Joseph’s Oratory Church – has extremely good healing abilities. Later, Father André was canonized as a saint. When he arrived at the church, the point that proved his excellent healing ability was the crutches hanging on the wall of the building. This is also one of the special features of the Church that makes many people want to visit this place. Not only that, inside the Church is also decorated with 56 bells, their weight is up to about 24,000 pounds. Along with that is the pipe organ placed in the Church, about 5,811 pipes,… All create the unique look of Saint Joseph’s Oratory Church.

The Thanksgiving Chapel of Saint Joseph’s Oratory is also an extremely beautiful building with lots of light and colorful colors. The road to the Saint Joseph statue is a long slope, lit with shimmering green and red candles. Not only is there candlelight, his statue is also illuminated by a blue light from above, making the statue brighter and more sparkling.

When coming to Saint Joseph’s Oratory Church, visitors can also visit the Oratory Museum – where relics are kept, including Father André’s heart and 200 Nativity scenes collected from many places around the world. gender.

Saint Joseph’s Oratory offers one of Montreal’s most beautiful views in the summer so visitors can relax, pray and immerse themselves in nature. In particular, visitors can enjoy organ concerts, carillon songs and hymns by the Petits Chanteurs du Mont-Royal choir.

Although not Catholic, visitors can also visit Saint Joseph’s Oratory Church to visit and explore the unique architecture and surrounding landscape. Book our Canada Tour to have interesting experiences, travel!


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