Stretching from Nova Scotia in the East to Vancouver Island in the West, Canada boasts more than 2,500 museums, from large city galleries to small community museums. Unique museums, displaying prehistoric dinosaur skeletons to the latest scientific and technological inventions. That is also the reason why museums in Canada attract an average of 59 million visitors each year. Here are the top 7 tourist-attracting museums in Canada that you cannot miss.

1/Ontario Museum of Art

Founded in 1900, located in Toronto, the Art Gallery of Ontario is the eighth largest art museum in North America. The museum owns more than 65,000 works of art, nearly half of which are by Canadian artists. These are excellent works by famous artists, including European masters such as Picasso, Van Gogh and Cezanne and famous Canadian artists such as Emily Carr and David Milne. In addition, the museum also has a modern gallery and the Henry Moore Sculpture Center, the world’s largest public collection of world-famous British sculptors of the same name. Furthermore, the museum plans to expand its outstanding collection of historic African and Australian Aboriginal art.

2/Montreal Museum of Art

The Montreal Museum of Art is among the best museums, attracting visitors from all over Canada. The museum owns a collection of both classical and contemporary works of art. Located in Montreal, the museum has continuously increased its collection with beautiful paintings and impressive permanent artifacts. The most prominent of these are the permanent collections of European impressionists. In 2000, the museum acquired the most unique collections of decorative arts, and increasingly boasts an extremely diverse collection.

3/Musee de l’Amérique FRANCAISE

Musee de l’Amérique FRANCAISE is one of the oldest museums in Canada. Displaying its first collections in 1806, the Musée de l’Amérique Francaise is located in the heart of Quebec City, home to traces of French history and culture. In addition, the museum has an extensive permanent collection of European and Canadian paintings dating from the 15th century.

4/Royal Ontario Museum

Considered by many to be Canada’s best museum, the Royal Ontario Museum is also a great place to explore. One of the world’s most famous museums, not least for its controversial design, a bold example of 21st century architecture designed by Daniel Libeskind. Less controversial but no less impressive is the museum’s collection of more than six million items ranging from a famous collection of dinosaurs to Dynasty Yaun paintings in the East Asian art collection. Egyptian and Bronze Age artifacts. For children, the museum has a dedicated, irresistible area.

5/Tyrell Royal Museum 

The Royal Tyrrell Museum in Drumheller boasts the largest collections of dinosaur skeletons, paleontology and research facilities.

6/Canadian Museum of Science and Technology

   The Canadian Museum of Science and Technology is the largest of its kind in Canada. From trains, planes, cars, rockets, space simulation models and Canada’s largest refracting telescope, all arouse the curiosity of visitors from all over.

7/Canadian Museum of History

   Attracting more than a million visitors each year, the Canadian Museum of History is Canada’s most visited landmark. The museum offers a unique architectural vision and comprehensive exhibits on Canadian history. Located on the Ottawa River directly across from Parliament Hill in Gatineau, the museum is considered one of Canada’s architectural masterpieces.

Besides these museums, there are many other interesting tourist destinations for you and your family during your trip to Canada. Or you can also learn more travel experiences from our travel guide section .



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