Top 9 beautiful fall tourist destinations in America


With a large territory, autumn in the US lasts from September to early December. This is an ideal time to visit the land of flowers because from urban areas to rural areas are covered in gorgeous red – yellow – orange tones. Explore the beauty of America when fall comes with Travelspek.

1. Fall – the most beautiful time to travel in America

Fall in the US usually starts from September until the end of December. The weather is dry, sometimes with showers. Towards the end of autumn, around December, the weather becomes colder, the forests begin to change leaves, creating a beautiful autumn scene.

2. Clothes when traveling to America in the fall

American autumn with beautiful, romantic yellow leaves scattered across the roads is very suitable for you to wear healthy, colorful outfits. Because unlike Korean or Japanese tourism, American tourism is often more vibrant and bustling. Preparing somewhat feminine outfits seems not very appropriate. If you want to go out in the evening to bars, discos, and vibrant casinos, remember to bring sexy, sparkling dresses.

If you go around the end of October or early November, coats and scarves are indispensable items for your trip to America to keep your body warm. In general, the dressing style in America is quite simple, preferring dynamism and health.

3. Top 9 beautiful fall tourist destinations in America

3.1 Vermont

Vermont is a small state, located in the North of the United States, close to Canada, with the second smallest population in the country and a fairly modest area. Vermont is famous for its beautiful natural scenery in the fall. The vast forest of trees will change color at the same time. In the distance, rooftops on the top of the hill can be seen, embellished by the calm, breathtakingly beautiful lake surface. The most popular tourist towns in this small state are Stowe and Waitsfield. Stowe is even known as the “capital of autumn” and is one of America’s most beloved landscapes. With many types of trees changing their red-orange leaves, this place becomes a great destination for both travelers and tourists. sightseeing and driving through the forest.

Ideally drive the Green Mountain Byway, from Waterbury to Stowe. Visitors can stop at Sugarbush Resort or Mad River Glen to rest and enjoy. Because it is located in the north, Vermont welcomes fall quite early. The leaf-changing season usually starts in the 2nd week of September, is best in the first week of October and then begins to fade.

3.2 Maine

Maine is a state located in the North, bordering Vermont, in the New England region and bordering Canada. Maine is a rare place in America that still retains a classic lifestyle, imbued with British culture. This place is also known as one of the places with the most beautiful scenery in America in the fall. Everywhere you go you will see a sky full of red leaves, from the town all the way to the highway, along rivers and lakes, along the coast or on the mountains and hills. Bar Harbor is famous as a red leaf viewing spot, so tourism services are also quite developed. Visitors can find many lovely hotels, with 18th-century architecture.

However, the best place to enjoy golden autumn in Maine is Acadia – the oldest national park in the US. In fact, Acadia is located entirely on a quite large island, about 200 km2. Although located in a quite remote area, each year this park welcomes up to 4 million tourists – a respectable number.

3.3 North Carolina and Tennessee

North Carolina and Tennessee are two states located in the southern United States. Due to the geographical location, autumn here comes later. The perfect time to admire golden autumn is from early October to late November. Great Smoky Mountains National Park has a large area of ​​more than 200,000 hectares, stretching from North Carolina to Tennessee, and is a wonderful place. Great Smoky Mountain has a gentle shape, stretching with 1,367 km of tree-lined forest roads. You can rent a motorbike or car to experience all the wild and romantic roads in the red leaf season. The forest is home to more than 3,500 species of plants, most of which are temperate plants, along with many rare species. Great Smoky makes visitors overwhelmed by ancient mountain ranges that have been eroded, covered in the color of grass and trees. The soft, winding streams covered with mist make this place always one of the most attractive American landscapes, no matter what season of the year.

Coming to Tennessee, visitors also have the opportunity to visit the small town of Gatlinburg, a small town located in the eastern valley of Tennessee. The town is known as a gateway to Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Gatlinburg has its own attractions, like Downtown Parkway filled with restaurants and shops.

3.4 Montana

Montana also captivates visitors every fall when the trees turn their leaves. The place that contributes to the list of the most beautiful leaves in the United States is Glacier National Park. The park is a paradise for nature and wildlife lovers, including rare and endangered animals such as bears, mountain goats, bighorn sheep… Coming here in mid-autumn, you will see the turning orange-yellow, some areas are still green, beautiful like an oil painting. If you don’t have much time, the most reasonable option is to rent a self-driving car and drive on the world-famous 50-mile highway, passing through all the highlights of the park.

3.5 Colorado

Colorado owns one of the beautiful landscapes in America that any autumn color lover has heard of, which is the city of Aspen. A stop in Aspen for American tourists who like to admire the scenery is Maroon Bells, about 20 km from the city. These are two mountains over 4,000m high located next to each other like “two sisters”. In front of Maroon Bells is a large lake, reflecting the beautiful silhouettes of trees changing leaves.

3.6 Michigan

In Michigan, one can find a clever combination of American landscapes, from mountains, lakes to forests. Coming here in the fall, you will definitely fall in love with the scenery of Porcupine Mountain Wilderness national park with Bond waterfall splashing white foam. Porcupine Mountain is considered a paradise of broad-leaved trees, bringing a colorful picture of yellow – orange – red mixed with green leaves. The best time to visit this Northeastern state is late September and early October.

3.7 Boston

Boston is famous as the most romantic city in autumn in America. Visitors can wander sightseeing on the paved paths of Boston Common park or Boston Esplanade. These parks are home to species such as oak, chestnut, maple, and ginkgo. You take photos from any angle and you will get excellent photos. About 5km from the center of Boston, Harvard University is famous as a place not to be missed when viewing yellow leaves in Boston. Here, visitors can stroll through the streets lined with golden leafy trees, visit ancient buildings, the school museum, watch the flow of people passing through the campus… all create a romantic scene. , attractive. The experience of being a student at the most prestigious university in the world during a fall trip to the United States is not bad, right?

3.8 California

Fall in California usually starts around the end of September. When you arrive in Napa Valley in the fall, you will directly see the bright orange-red foliage changing color and enjoy the fresh air. Additionally, you can rent a car to drive on the road surrounding the forest in Bishop Creek Canyon. The scene of the forest changing leaves makes visitors feel like they are filming a movie.

3.9 Nigara Falls

Another beautiful scene not to be missed when coming to America is Nigara waterfall. Fall is when the maple rows planted on the banks of the waterfall turn yellow. The perfect combination of blue sky, white foam waterfall, and alternating red, yellow, and orange spaces makes this a popular fall tourist destination throughout the United States.

With an area mostly made up of hills, forests and national parks, America is the top choice for those who love autumn and want to admire the scenery of the changing leaves season. If you feel that you are not confident for a self-sufficient trip with too many difficulties from applying for a visa and scheduling, visit Travelspek immediately. All your questions will be resolved immediately.


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