Valentine is the “happiest” town in America


With more than 3,000 residents, Valentine is known as the “happiest” town in America. A place with peaceful space, simple life without noise and busy streets

Famous for its poetic natural scenery and peaceful life without the dust and noise of big cities, Valentine is known as the “happiest” town in America. Besides, thanks to its many wonders, this town welcomes many tourists every year who buy plane tickets to the US to visit. It is known that Valentine town was voted the most beautiful small town in Nebraska in 2020 by the American monthly magazine specializing in architecture and landscape Architectural Digest.

The name of this town comes from congressman Edward Kimble Valentine (1843 – 1916), who won the election in 1882. The people of this place named the town after him in honor of Valentine. According to statistics, this town currently has more than 3,000 residents. When coming here, visitors can enjoy unique dishes, the most famous being beef steak. Besides, visitors can also learn about history at the historical museum in the town center. At the same time, buy souvenirs at roadside shops. Although it is a peaceful countryside, Valentine town still has a full range of dining, entertainment, and entertainment venues for tourists.

In particular, every year on February 13, Valentine town also organizes the Heart City Bull Bash event. This is the opportunity for local farmers to show off their most beautiful bulls and find buyers at good prices. Participating in this event, visitors can also witness and participate in many other interesting performances and games.

Famous places in Valentine town are:

  • Smith Fall State Park, inside this park there is a beautiful bridge, and the majestic Smith Falls, with a height of 19 meters, Smith is the highest waterfall in the state of Nebraska.
  • Cowboy Trail, where visitors can jog, bike and horseback ride. This road is more than 313 km long, connecting the town of Valentine to Norfolk, along the old Chicago & Northwestern railway line.

In addition, one of the most famous tourist attractions here are the sand dunes. Just outside of Valentine are two of America’s most spectacular National Wildlife Refuges – Fort Niobrara. This is where you can see bison herds roaming the grasslands.

The best time to visit Valentine town is from June to August. At this time, the weather is nice, there are few storms, so visitors can easily access the natural wonders of this town. It is known that the number of customers buying plane tickets to the US to this town each year is up to 50,000 people.



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