Vancouver tourism: Unforgettable memories at Capilano suspension bridge


Capilano Suspension Bridge, also known in English as Capilano Suspension Bridge, is a very simple but very sturdy looking bridge spanning the Capilano River located in North Vancouver. Experiencing the Capilano suspension bridge is one of my most unforgettable impressions during my trip to Canada.

Explore the wild, green nature at the Capilano suspension bridge

Capilano suspension bridge is located in the park complex of the same name, with majestic vertical cliffs. The feeling of being lost in the middle of a deep green forest is so exciting! I am engrossed in the waterfalls and deep pools of this wild park.

The road to the Capilano suspension bridge was a wonderful experience as I was immersed in the green space and winding winding roads.

The bridge is nearly 140 meters long. At first glance, it looks quite primitive but is actually very sturdy. The bridge’s walls are made of steel and the floor is covered with cedar wood. The bridge sways to the rhythm of their steps, making many people stagger and feel drunk. Many people hesitate when stepping on this bridge because of the huge vibration.

As someone who is afraid of heights, looking down at the river bed 70 meters away from the bridge made me dizzy! The tense faces of many tourists, the screams and laughter… create a very special atmosphere when walking on this suspension bridge.

It took me 15 minutes to cross the bridge. There are bridges that circle around rocky mountains, creating extremely spectacular views. Below is a vast, deep green forest.

Highlights of the suspension bridge

What I especially admire is that Canadians preserve nature very carefully. Not a leaf was picked, not a scrap of trash was left behind. The air is clean and filled with the quality of the mountains and forests, even though the stream of people flocking to this park is extremely crowded and bustling.

During my trip to visit the Capilano suspension bridge, I happened to meet a group of young Vietnamese people, who were international students taking advantage of the weekend to travel to Vancouver . Everyone says Canada is a wonderful country. “Thanks to coming here to study, we have become a lot better, especially in our awareness of preserving the environment and community.


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