As one of the most beautiful seaports in the world, Inner Harbor is a harbor located in Victoria Harbor and is a famous Canadian tourist destination in the city of Vancouver.

Address: 950 Wharf St, Victoria, BC V8W 1T3, Canada

Inner is the bridge between Laurel Point in Victoria and Songhees Point on Victoria’s West Coast. The Inner Harbor extends to the southeast of the Johnson Street Bridge.

Move to Inner Harbor

Located 0.9 km from downtown Kingston; Inner Palace is a wonderful place with fresh green grass and peaceful space. From Norman Rogers Airport, visitors only need to go 9km west to visit the Inner Harbor. Inner’s peaceful and pure scenery is only reserved for those who take the time to explore it.

As the mooring place for many personal yachts, Inner Harbor has hundreds of boats lying close together, bobbing and floating on the water. Coming here, visitors can find a sense of peace by walking, watching the sea and participating in bustling trading activities near the port.

 In the summer, this port area becomes a venue for music shows, festivals and performances. This is also where visitors can sign up to participate in many exciting discovery activities such as whale watching, roller coaster rides…

The sunset dyes the blue sea red-orange and the harbor shimmering in neon lights is an unforgettable scene in Inner. Thanks to the rays of electric lights, the harbor seemed to sparkle in the whole sky. Strolling on the path to the harbor, visitors can also see images of small stalls with rustic dishes and fresh seafood, attracting many tourists.

Inner Harbor Vacation

A destination not to be missed when visiting Victoria Bay, Inner is the center of all famous tourist attractions. The closest places to the port are Fort Henry and the Rideau Canal with countless interesting activities and experiences.

In addition, there is also Lake Ontario Park, Kingston City Hall, Royal Military College Museum, etc. at inner port also attract millions of visitors every day to explore the characteristics of West Coast tourism. Canada.

In particular, the Inner Harbor is located opposite the ancient Fairmont Empress hotel – a long-standing hotel with many unique cultural features that everyone wants to explore when traveling to Canada.



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