What should I wear when traveling to Australia?


From the long coastline to the cities at night, appropriate clothing will help visitors have a more comfortable trip.

Every year Australia welcomes more than 9 million tourists. Some tourists prefer cities, others choose archipelagos and famous beaches. Below are some tips for preparing your outfit, based on the places you plan to visit.Costumes in northern AustraliaWestern Australia, some places in the north and the state of Queensland have a year-round tropical climate. There are two seasons here: dry season and rainy season. The rainy season is in the summer, when the humidity is high and the rains also appear frequently and this is also the season of jellyfish. The dry season is the best time to visit Northern Australia.

From Broome to Airlie Beach, t-shirts and shorts are everyone’s go-to outfit. Locals even wear flip-flops. If you only visit the coral reefs or tropical forests at Uluru, items that are airy and suitable for outdoor activities are a suggestion. Specifically, shorts, sunscreen, swimsuits and sandals.

For meetings at night, you can prepare shirts and shorts for men, skirts and sandals for women. In winter, when the temperature drops a bit, you should prepare long-sleeved T-shirts and jackets to keep your body warm.

When in cities

Preparing costumes for cities will be a little different depending on the season. Specifically for the city of Melbourne, which has clear winters, jeans, sweaters, warm coats and boots are the clothes to bring. Melbourne has erratic weather. Therefore, visitors should prepare raincoats and umbrellas.

During the summer period, temperatures in cities can increase, T-shirts and blouses for women will be the most suitable outfits. In addition, cotton and linen are suitable materials for summer. In the city, wearing flip-flops will not be appropriate.

Outfits at night clubs

In nightclubs there are specific dress requirements. For men, it’s long pants, closed-toe shoes with socks and a shirt. This is also a common regulation in hotels and restaurants across the country.



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